CellarPro Ductless Wine Cellar Refrigeration Split Systems

CellarPro Wine Cellar Refrigeration Ductless Split Systems are In-Demand in Wine Room Constructions in Miami, Florida

CellarPro Wine Cellar Refrigeration Ductless Split Systems are In-Demand in Wine Room Constructions in Miami, Florida

Are you looking for a virtually quiet wine cellar cooling unitWine storage experts in Miami, Floridarecommend the CellarPro ductless wine cellar refrigeration split systems. CellarPro has been a trusted partner of Wine Cellar Cooling Miami in providing wine cooling solutions for residential and commercial applicationsLearn more about the features and models of their split systems aside from their quiet operation.  

CellarPro Ductless Wine Cellar Refrigeration Split Systems: Features and Benefits

Whether you are a beginner or a novice wine collector, you will need a reliable wine cooling system for your residential or commercial wine cellar. With many brands and types available in the market, it is easy for some people to make a mistake because of not consulting with an expert in Miami, Florida 

Keep in mind that you must work with a company that has extensive knowledge of proper wine storage. At Wine Cellar Cooling Miamiwe know and understand the vital role of a climate-control system in regulating the temperature and humidity levels in a wine room.  

We always want to ensure that our client’s wine collection is safe from external factors and that their wine cellar cooling unit can function efficiently to allow the graceful aging of their favorite vintages.  

Why are CellarPro Wine Cellar Refrigeration Split Systems Highly Recommended by Master Builders in Miami, Florida?  

Wine Cellar Cooling Miami offers high-quality wine cooling systems from top-notch manufacturers like CellarPro. Their ductless wine cellar refrigeration split systems are a bit more expensive than the self-contained units. However, they offer numerous benefits:  

Superior Cooling Performance

CellarPro Wine Cellar Refrigeration Split Systems Have Large Coils

CellarPro Wine Cellar Refrigeration Split Systems Have Large Coils

At Wine Cellar Cooling Miami, we trust manufacturers whose goal is to provide reliable wine cooling products engineered to provide the optimum wine storage conditions. CellarPro’s ductless wine cellar refrigeration split systems are made with high-output compressors and flexible fan cycles to achieve the ideal humidity level inside your residential or commercial wine room.   

Moreover, these wine cooling units have extra-large coils to allow the generation of maximum cooling power. Fan speed settings are available in high-fan speed and low-fan speed      

Quiet Operation and a Longer Lifespan 

CellarPro’s ductless wine cellar refrigeration split systems operate quietly because the evaporator and condensing unit are installed separately. The noise usually comes from the condenser, which is typically placed outdoors.  

CellarPro’s quiet wine cellar cooling units are also known to have a longer life span because they are made with high-grade components. They are coated with an Electrofin coating to protect the coils from corrosion and leaks.   

No Venting or Exhaust Room is Required for Heat Dissipation 

Additionally, a ductless wine cellar refrigeration split system requires no venting into an adjoining room. It is because the condenser, which produces heat, can be placed outside the wine cellar, separating it from the evaporator.  

Easier Installation and Maintenance 

Another reason why CellarPro ductless wine cellar refrigeration split systems are in demand in wine room construction is that they are easy to install. The evaporator and condenser are connected by a line set, which consists of electrical wiring and copper tubing. It eliminates the need for ductwork. However, you must keep in mind that you will need the help of an HVAC technician to install the line sets.   

Another advantage of a wine cellar refrigeration split system installed by experts in Miami, Florida, is the ease of maintenance because it can be serviced on-site.  


Ceiling Mount Mini Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Miami

Ceiling Mount Mini Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

Another factor that our team always considers is space efficiency. With through-the-wall or self-contained wine cellar cooling units, a space in your racking will be utilized. With ductless wine cellar refrigeration slit systems, the equipment is installed within the ceiling. Instead of the cooling unit occupying your floor or racking space, there will be additional storage space for your bottles. It is one of the reasons ductless wine cellar refrigeration split systems are in-demand in projects where space is limited.  

Models of CellarPro Ductless Wine Cellar Refrigeration Split System  

Below are some of the models of CellarPro Wine Cellar Refrigeration Split Systems 

  • CellarPro Mini Split 3000S Refrigeration System 
  • CellarPro Mini Split 3000Sh Horizontal System  
  • CellarPro Mini Split 3000Sqc Quickconnect 25 ft 
  • CellarPro Mini Split 3000Sqc Quickconnect 50 ft 
  • CellarPro Mini Split 3000Shqc Horizontal Quickconnect 25 ft 
  • CellarPro Mini Split 3000Shqc Horizontal Quickconnect 50 ft 
  • CellarPro Ceiling Mount Mini Split 3000Scm 
  • CellarPro Recessed Ceiling Mount 
  • CellarPro 4000S Split System  
  • CellarPro 4000Sh Horizontal Split System  
  • CellarPro 4000Sqc Split System Quickconnect 25 ft 
  • CellarPro 4000Sqc Split Quickconnect 50 ft 
  • CellarPro 4000Shqc Horizontal Quickconnect 25 ft  
  • CellarPro 4000Shqc Horizontal Quickconnect 50 ft 
  • CellarPro 4000Swc Split System Water Cooled  
  • CellarPro 4000Shwc Split System Water Cooled  
  • CellarPro 4000Scm Ceiling Mount Split System  
  • CellarPro Recessed Ceiling Mount 4000Scmr  
  • CellarPro 4000S Split System 220V 50/60Hz  
  • CellarPro 4000Sh Horizontal Split System 220V 50/60Hz  
  • CellarPro 6000S Split System  
  • CellarPro 6000Swc Split System Water Cooled  
  • CellarPro 6000Scm Ceiling Mount Split System  
  • CellarPro Recessed Ceiling Mount 6000Scmr 
CellarPro Water Cooled Wine Refrigeration Split System

CellarPro Water-Cooled Wine Refrigeration Split System

CellarPro water-cooled wine cellar refrigeration split systems have a condensing unit that has to cool itself. A continuous flow of water is needed for its installation. Keep in mind that there are options and upgrades available.  

Choose a CellarPro Wine Cellar Refrigeration Split System and Hire an Expert HVAC Technician in Miami, Florida!

Wine Cellar Cooling Miami cares for our client’s wine collectionWith many years of experience in the construction industry, we have extensive knowledge and experience in creating not only stylish but safe wine storage facilities.   

We build custom wine rooms with high-quality and quiet wine cellar cooling unit that will preserve your precious wines for many years to come. We offer CellarPro ductless wine cellar refrigeration split systems designed to provide many benefits! 

If you are living in Miami or around Florida and need help with wine cellar cooling or CellarPro repair, please do not hesitate to contact us at +1 (786) 633-2011!