Wine Guardian’s Through-the-Wall (TTW) Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units

Wine Guardian: a Trusted Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit Manufacturer

Wine Guardian: a Trusted Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit Manufacturer

Wine storage problems can be prevented if a reliable wine cooling system is installed in your wine cellar. Wine Cellar Cooling Miami offers Wine Guardian’s ThroughtheWall (TTW) wine cellar refrigeration units. They are designed to provide superior performance and help wine enthusiasts preserve their collection for many years to come.  

Why Choose Wine Guardian’s Through-the-Wall Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units 

Keep in mind that you cannot use a regular air conditioning system to preserve your wine’s desirable characteristics. They are not designed to regulate the temperature and humidity inside a wine room. Wine Cellar Cooling Miami offers high-grade climate control systems designed for long-term storage. 

When choosing the brand, type, and model of the wine cellar cooling unit for every project, we consider several factors such as the location and size of the room, the availability of an exhaust room, and your budget.  

Our team has been working with top-notch manufacturers of wine cellar cooling units like Wine Guardian. They engineer their wine cooling products with features that will make wine collecting convenient and enjoyable with family and friends. Their line of refrigeration systems has a sleek appearance to complement any existing theme in your home, restaurant, bar, hotel, or retail store.   

Made in the USA, Wine Guardian’s cooling products, including Through-the-Wall wine cellar refrigeration units, are widely used in residential and commercial applications because of the many benefits they offer.           

What Makes Wine Guardian’s Through-the-Wall (TTW) Ideal for Long-Term Storage?  

Wine Cellar Cooling Miami and many master builders and contractors in Florida recommend Through-the-Wall (TTW) Wine Guardian climate-control systems. Find out why. 

Maximum Cooling Efficiency 

Through-the-Wall (TTW) wine cellar refrigeration units are known for their superior cooling performance. There are units with and without heaterIf you want to opt for a heater, you must inform us upon ordering the unit so it can be installed in the factory.  

Ease of Installation  

Wine Guardian TTW Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit is Easy to Install

Wine Guardian TTW Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit is Easy to Install

In addition to reliability and maximum cooling power, Through-the-Wall (TTW) wine cellar cooling units with heaters are easy to install. Unlike other brands and types of wine cellar refrigeration systems, installing these units does not need the help of an HVAC contractor for the installation. You can do it yourself! The unit can be mounted flush with the racking or the wall 

Through-the-Wall (TTW) Wine Cellar Cooling Units Offer Extremely Quiet Operation 

Another factor that you should consider when choosing a climate-control system is noise production. The equipment inside your wine room must produce minimal to no noise. At Wine Cellar Cooling Miami, many of our clients provided positive reviews about the quiet operation of Through-the-Wall (TTW) systems by Wine Guardian.  

High-Grade Components for Durability 

Wine Guardian’s Through-the-Wall (TTW) wine cellar refrigeration units are made with high-grade components to ensure long-term durability. The components are corrosion-resistant, and the frames are made with aluminum.  

Modern Appearance 

Through-the-Wall wine cellar refrigeration units manufactured by Wine Guardian are modern looking, which makes them ideal for contemporary styles of wine rooms. They will also go well with traditional wine cellars.   

Other Standard Features of Through-the-Wall (TTW) Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems 

  • Digital displays for temperature and humidity  
  • Equipped with specialized fans to create ideal airflow 
  • EasyMount™ one-piece wall bracket and support frame 
  • Integrated condensate evaporation system 
  • Adjustable louvers to optimize air circulation inside your wine cellar 
  • Drain overflow connection 
  • Power cord connections on both sides of the system 
  • Certified by ETL to UL, Canadian, European Union, and Mexican standards for safety and performance 

Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall (TTW) Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units with Heater  

Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall With Heater

Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall With Heater

The function of the heater is to warm the air that enters your wine cellar to maintain a constant set point. You have two options for the heater: A thermal overload protection device and controls and a 500-watt integral heater. 

TTW009H with Heater 

TTW009H wine cellar cooling units with Heater are ideal for small residential wine cellars built in locations with colder climates or for wine rooms where the condition falls below the ideal temperature, which is 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  

TTW018H with Heater 

TTW018H with Heater wine cellar refrigeration units are designed to achieve the optimum temperature and moisture level in small to medium-sized wine rooms, or large cabinets, with excellent insulation installed and limited glass components. They are intended to either heat or cool the air, but not both at the same time.  

Wine Guardian Through-the-Wall (TTW) Wine Cellar Refrigeration Units without Heater  

Wine Guardian’s Through-the-Wall (TTW) wine cellar cooling units without heater are suitable for small wine cellars and wine cabinets. 

TTW009H without Heater 

TTW009 Wine Guardian Wine-Cellar Refrigeration Unit without Heater

TTW009 Wine Guardian Wine-Cellar Refrigeration Unit without Heater

If you are in North or South America, the TTW009 wine cellar refrigeration unit without heater is recommended because it is a 60Hz system. On the other hand, Wine Guardian’s WG115 Through-the-Wall wine cellar refrigeration unit without a heater is a 50HZ system utilized for the wine cellar and wine cabinet installations in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia.   

Available options and accessories include remote sensors and a wine cellar monitoring system called Moniteur Du Vin.  

TTW018 without Heater 

Like the TTW009 system, the TTW018 wine cellar refrigeration unit without heater is also a 60Hz system and is ideal for small wine storage rooms. It is Wine Guardian’s smallest wine cellar air conditioning system that can feature the Serving Temperature Option. Other options include a humidifier, a Duct Collar Kit, and a Temperature Cooling Option.  

Invest in a Reliable Through-the-Wall Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit by Wine Guardian   

If you are in Florida and are looking for a knowledgeable and experienced provider of wine cellar refrigeration units, Wine Cellar Cooling Miami will help you! We offer cooling products from top-notch manufacturers, including Wine Guardian. Their Through-the-Wall (TTW) wine cellar refrigeration units are made with high-grade components and equipped with features to create the perfect environment for your collection. 

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