Wine Guardian’s Ducted Self-Contained Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Using a Wine Guardian Self-Contained Wine Cooling Unit

Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Using a Wine Guardian Self-Contained Wine Cooling Unit

Wine Guardian is well known for its high-grade wine cellar cooling solutions. Their products are proven reliable, efficient, durable, and sleek in design. Their ducted self-contained wine cellar refrigeration systems offer many benefits, which make them in demand in building climate-controlled residential and commercial wine rooms.   

Wine Guardian’s Ducted-Self-Contained Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems: Why We Recommend Them 

A self-contained wine cellar refrigeration system consists of these main components, the evaporator, and condenser, which are housed in a single unit. It is ideally installed outdoors. Wine Guardian offers ducted self-contained systems, which require ductwork.   

An HVAC professional like Wine Cellar Cooling Miami must do the ductworkIt is necessary to push the cold air, which is produced by the cooling unit, into the wine cellar and direct the warm air outdoors.  

What are the reasons Wine Guardian’s ducted self-contained wine cellar cooling systems are widely used by builders, architects, interior designers, and contractors?  

Designed to Provide Maximum Temperature and Humidity Control  

Your wines will preserve their desirable characteristics for many years if you keep them in a stable environment. With proper control of the temperature and humidity levels, your prized wines will reach their perfect maturation before they are ready for consumption.  


Another benefit you can get from using a Wine Guardian ducted self-contained wine cellar refrigeration system is space efficiency. It is perfect for small wine rooms because it does not take up racking, wall, ceiling, and floor space If you are building a wine cellar in your apartment, walk-in closet, or any narrow or small spacea ducted self-contained refrigeration system by Wine Guardian is idealFor the installation, an adjacent room for the condenser is not required.   

No Visible Equipment in Your Wine Cellar  

Custom Wine Cellar with a Wine Guardian Self-Contained Cooling System

A Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Expert in Miami Installed a Wine Guardian Self-Contained Cooling System in This Home Wine Room

Through-the-Wall wine cooling units require the evaporator to be mounted through a wall or racking. The unit can be concealed with a grill cover.   

Some clients do not want any equipment to be visible inside their residential or commercial wine room, to achieve a clean look. The Wine Guardian’s ducted self-contained wine cellar refrigeration system is the ideal choice.  

Quiet Operation 

No one wants a cooling unit that produces annoying noise.  As much as possible, we want the noisy component, which is the condenser, to be installed outdoors. If you are looking for a quiet wine cellar cooling unit, the climate-control systems by Wine Guardian are perfect for your needs. You will enjoy hosting wine tasting parties without having issues with noise.  

High Durability  

Wine Guardian’s products are made in the USA and engineered with superior durability. The evaporator and condenser coils are made of aluminum to make them highly resistant to corrosion. This feature gives their wine cellar refrigeration systems a longer lifespan even when exposed to too much heat and moisture.   

Remote User Interface Control System 

Remote User Interface Control System Wine Guardian Refrigeration System

Remote User Interface Control System of Wine Guardian Refrigeration Systems

Another critical factor to consider when choosing a wine cellar refrigeration system is convenience in monitoring and controlling thenvironment in your wine room. One way to ensure that the optimum conditions for aging your favorite vintages are achievedthere should be consistent monitoring.    

Wine Guardian’s products, including the Ducted Self-Contained units, come with remote user interface control systemWith a user-friendly menu and backlit data displays, these wine cellar refrigeration systems are designed to control and set functions easily.   

It has an on/off button, which is used to turn the system on or off. There is an up arrow for increasing set points, and a down arrow for decreasing set points. Both the temperature and humidity levels can be adjusted.   

You can set your ducted self-contained wine cooling unit to AUTO, COOL, or HEAT. You may also enter the configuration settings manually by holding the SETTINGS button for five seconds.     

You can place the remote interface controller inside or outside your wine cellar. For outdoor installations, you must purchase a remote sensor kit, which is optional for indoor installations. However, you may opt to place a maximum of three remote sensors inside your wine room that can be connected to your Wine Guardian wine cellar refrigeration system.    

Audible and Visual Alarms 

The user interface control system that comes with the Wine Guardian wine cellar refrigeration systems has audible and visual alarms. These are safety features that will notify you when the temperature or humidity level inside your wine cellar is outside the normal rangeThe numbers with an exclamation mark at the end will flash until the conditions become normal. 

Other Standard Features that Make Wine Guardian’s Ducted Self-Contained Wine Cellar Refrigeration System a Top Choice in Wine Room Construction 

  • ¼-ton to 2-ton capacities (400 to 8500 cu ft. or 10 to 250 m3) 
  • Multiple supply air openings for installation flexibility 
  • Removable control panel for easy access 
  • One supply and one return duct collar
  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, all-aluminum outer body 
  • High static pressure fans for extended lengths of ductwork 
  • Factory tested before shipment 
  • Completely self-contained design 
  • Certified by ETL to UL, Canadian, CE, and other international safety standards 
  • Factory service hotline suppor 
  • Warrantied to one year (labor) and two years (parts)   

Models of Wine Guardian Ducted Self-Contained Wine Cellar Refrigeration System 

Wine Guardian Ducted Self-Contained Cooling Unit Models

Wine Guardian Ducted Self-Contained Cooling Units

Wine Cellar Cooling Miami offers a wide range of ducted self-contained models manufactured by Wine Guardian to cater to the unique needof every client.    

  • D025   
  • D050 
  • D050V Vertical Ducted  
  • D088  
  • D088V   
  • D200  
  • D200 Pro Low Temperature 
  • DP25 Pro Ducted Specialty 
  • DP50 Pro Ducted Specialty 
  • DP88 Pro-Ducted Specialty   
  • D025WC Water-Cooled 
  • D200WC Water-Cooled 
  • D050WC Water-Cooled 
  • D088WC Water-Cooled 

Choosing the right Wine Guardian wine cellar refrigeration system model will ensure that the unit suits your functional and technical requirements.   

Choose a Top-Notch Wine Cellar Refrigeration System by Wine Guardian  

Choosing one of Wine Guardian’s ducted self-contained wine cellar refrigeration systems will safeguard your wines for many years, make wine collecting hassle-free, and save you money in the long run.  

If you are planning to start your own project and are looking for a knowledgeable wine cellar refrigeration expert, call Wine Cellar Cooling Miami at +1 (786) 633-2011. We also offer installation and repair services in Fort Lauderdale.