Residential Wine Room in Bel Air, Miami with Waterfall-Style Racking

Residential Wine Room Bel Air MiamiA Bel Air, Miami, Florida homeowner built a residential wine room that needed a cooling system.  The experts at M&M Cellar Systems proudly took the job. Below is a description of the wine cellar refrigeration system installation process for this project, and the advantages of having a custom wine cellar in your home.

Advantages of a Miami Wine Cellar

Collecting wines is becoming quite a popular pastime.  For serious wine collectors looking to increase their bottle count, an ample wine storage solution is necessary.

Organize Your Wine Collection

The inclusion of a custom wine cellar is the best way to manage, organize, and display a large cache of wines. It provides collectors with convenient accessibility to their wine at any time.

Optimum Climate Conditions for Wine Maturation

Having your own residential wine room also keeps your wine collection in a safe environment. A wine cooling system is designed to help stabilize the environmental conditions in a wine room. It’s not just meant to air-condition the temperature in the space. You need a full climate-control system that stabilizes all of the conditions within the storage unit.

In order to achieve and maintain optimal climate conditions for storing and aging wines, a custom wine cellar must be properly insulated and sealed, and equipped with the right type of wine cellar refrigeration system.

Working With a Wine Cellar Cooling Specialist When Building Wine Room

Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami is a family-owned wine cellar refrigeration system installation and service provider, based in Miami, Florida.  They offer a wide range of wine cellar cooling solutions, from small custom wine cabinets to large commercial wine warehouse-sized rooms.

Many wine cellar owners look to regular contractors or HVAC specialists when they need help with their wine cellars. Most of these construction companies do a lot of different types of projects. Their knowledge of wine cellars may be limited.

This is why so many builders, especially custom wine cellar builders recommend M&M Cellar Specialists for the installation and service of the cooling systems on wine storage units. We only work with wine cellars. This is one of the reasons we were asked to work on this Bel Air project.

The Residential Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Installation 

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Installation Bel Air Miami

The Rack Mounted Series Cooling Unit by US Cellar Systems.

Let’s take a look at one of their recently completed residential wine cellar refrigeration installation projects in Bel Air Estates, a luxurious community located in Westside Miami.  Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami supplied this wine room with two RM 4600 model cooling units from US Cellar Systems. These units efficiently cool the client’s large wine storage space (measuring 10 x 10 x 8).

The Rack Cooler Series (RM) from US Cellar Systems has a cooling capacity of up to 1,000 cubic feet.  This system in Bel Air has multiple access panels to allow efficient redirection of airflow patterns.  The RM Series features rust-proof and insulated aluminum housing.

Why a Split System?

The RM 4600 cooling unit from US Cellar Systems is a split system, which means that it separates the evaporator unit from the condensing unit.  This function allows you to install the evaporator unit behind the walls or above the ceiling, keeping it hidden from view.  Splitting them apart also allows the noisiest component of the unit (condenser) to be placed in a different location, thus promoting an ultra-quiet wine storage environment.

We Chose a Ductless Cooling Unit Option With a Line Set in This Miami Wine Room

A split cooling system can either be ducted or ductless.  A ducted split system uses air ducts to introduce cool air into a wine cellar and to exhaust warm air to the outdoors.  For a ductless split wine cellar refrigeration system, a line set (consisting of electrical wiring and copper tubing) is used to connect the evaporator unit to the condenser.

In this Bel Air home, both evaporator units are mounted on the ceiling.  A custom-designed grill cover constructed from redwood conceals the cooling systems from view.  The installers ran a 50-foot line set to connect the evaporator unit to the condensing unit, which was located in a mechanical room on the side of the house.

The Stunning Wine Cellar Door and Custom Wine Racks for Wine Room

Wine Cellar Door Miami

Looking through the doorway into the wine room at the waterfall-style wine rack display.

The Bel Air residential wine room has an arched entry door, with double-pane glass that provides a glimpse of the beautiful wine cellar interior from the outside.  Dual paned glass is highly recommended for wine cellar doors because it provides improved insulation, helping preserve the required climate conditions for wine storage.

Wine Racks by Vintage Cellars

Inside the wine room, you can see variations of custom wine rack styles–designed and constructed by Vintage Cellars, including an eye-catching lattice-style waterfall display piece that cascades from the ceiling to a small tabletop, with shelving down below for additional storage space.

Arched Tabletop and Other Racking Solutions

Another attractive feature of the Miami wine cellar is the arched tabletop, which is ideal for decanting wines or showcasing wine accessories.

Below the tabletop are several openings intended for wood case storage.  Other wine racking solutions featured in the wine room are single bottle storage racks with a high reveal display row and horizontal wine displays that facilitate cork forward storage.

A Contractor Connected to Best Names in the Industry

M & M Cellar Systems collaborates with some of the best builders, dealers, and manufacturers in the wine cellar industry, in order to provide efficient and reliable cooling solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

Working with a wine cellar builder like Vintage Cellars, one of the biggest and best wine cellar construction companies in the country is always a smart option.

M&M knows that they can always guarantee their residential wine cellar refrigeration work when they install cooling units manufactured by US Cellar Systems.

Contact a Wine Cellar Climate Control Expert

If you’re interested in building a residential wine cellar, give Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami a call. We’ll be happy to connect you with the right builder in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. We’ll work with you to find the best residential wine cellar refrigeration system for your new wine cabinet, closet, or wine room. And we’ll provide an installation process that is second to none.

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