US Cellar Systems Wine Cabinet Cooler Series (CC Series)

US Cellar Systems offers high-quality wine cooling systems with features that make their products widely used in wine cellar construction. Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami has been utilizing its wine refrigeration units in its residential and commercial projects in MiamiOne of these is the Wine Cabinet Cooler (CC) Series, which consists of commercial-grade cooling units for wine cabinets and closet wine cellars

US Cellar Systems Wine Cabinet Cooler (CC) Series Cooling Units: Features and Benefits

Choosing the correct brand and type of climate-control system for your wine cellar can be a difficult task if you do not seek the help of an HVAC expert. Keep in mind that you cannot use a regular air conditioning unit in a refrigerated wine room. Doing so will create an environment with extreme temperature fluctuations and varying humidity levels.

Some wine lovers do not have a large space that can be used to build their dream wine room. Space should not hinder you from creating a safe place for your collection. 

If you are working with a professional like Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami, small and narrow areas like walk-in closetand spaces under the stairs can be transformed into wine cabinets or closet wine cellars. For construction projects where space is a challenge, a Cabinet Cooler (CC Series)wine cellar refrigeration system is highly recommended. Manufactured and engineered with great features by US Cellar Systems, these products provide many benefits.

Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami has been using and recommending the wine cooling solutions from US Cellar Systems. With Mario Morales as the lead technician, the company has built a good reputation for helping owners of residential properties and wine businesses in Los Angles build a safe wine cellar or wine closet for their prized collection.     

After discussing with you all of your needs, our team will make a careful assessment and recommend the perfect wine cooling solution for your wine cellar. 

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Cabinet Cooler Series Wine Cellar Cooling Systems Operate with Maximum Efficiency

Choosing a Wine Cabinet Cooler Series refrigeration system will ensure that the ideal wine storage environment can be achieved. Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami will determine the unit model that best suits your functional and aesthetic needs.

We always perform the standard procedure, which is the heat load calculation. This step aids in determining the correct amount of heat that has to be removed in a room. 

One of the considerations in performing the heat load calculation is finding out all of the sources of heat and the total effect.  Without this process, you will not be able to identify the right size, capacity, and model of wine refrigeration system for your wine cellar.  

The Wine Cabinet Cooler (CC Series) wine cellar refrigeration systems are engineered to provide cool the environment in spaces with medium temperatures. These wine cellar cooling units Miami are perfect for wine closets and cabinets and are specifically designed to provide good airflow in tiny and medium narrow spaces. The CC Series evaporator circulates the air quietly up to 10 ft. to both sides of the coil and then returns the air to the front.

These wine cooling systems can provide better BTU cooling per cubic inch of the required installation space, which results in impressive temperature recovery time. With this characteristic, there is no doubt Wine Cabinet Coolers are a favorite choice for the high-traffic areas. Moreover, they are also ideal for installations requiring a very low set point (e.g., white wines).

Other Essential Features that Make US Cellar Systems Wine Cabinet Cooler (CC) Series in Demand Among Miami Builders 

  • Aluminum cabinet with subtle textured finish
  • Copper tubing completely seamless for longer trouble-free life
  • Durable hard tempered fins
  • Cleaning and servicing louvered panels
  • Compressor protection “pump down” solenoid valve as standard in case of leaks
  • Pre-Installed thermal expansion valve installed as standard
  • Valves pre-installed to eliminate additional wiring to the thermostat
  • Highest cooling function with the least required space for installation Both UL and NSF listed

Bracket Mounting

Questions? Call +1 (786) 633-2011 or Click Rear Mounted Bracket Position Wine Closet Cooler  Units
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Fan Coil Wiring

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Condensing Unit Wiring

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Field Wiring

L1115V Line Voltage


SVSolenoid Valve

FMFan Motor

TPTemperature Probe


Back of Controller Connections

10Temperature Probe

11Temperature Probe


5115V Line Voltage

2Jumper from 5

3Switch Leg to Fan Coil

C NOInternal normally open contact

Typical Installation of the CC Series Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

There are technical requirements when installing a wine cellar cooling system. Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami is a knowledgeable HVAC specialist in Miami.

The team is always careful with the installation to ensure that the cooling unit will perform with maximum efficiency, and the owner will experience the benefits provided by one of the commercial-grade products of US Cellar Systems. Below is the typical installation of the Wine Cabinet Cooler unit.

  • Standard Line Sets should be 50′ or less. Extended runs may require larger line sizes and 3 oz of oil must be added for every 10′ feet over 35′.
  • Keep line sets as short as possible and insulate.
  • An excessive number of turns will result in refrigerant flow problemsSuction line accumulators are recommended to prevent compressor failure. It is required if working lower than the normal operating range (55-56 degrees) from the wine cellar.
  • The system is controlled by a pump-down control system. There is no control wiring between the thermostat and condensing unit.
  • The drain line must always flow down to the drain or pump.
  • The line connections at Fan Coil and Condensing Unit may not be the same as the required line sizes.
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Questions? Click for help with Ceiling Refrigeration Lines Wine Cabinet Cooler  Series
Questions? Click for help with Walls Refrigeration Lines Wine Cabinet Cooler  Series

Choose a CC Series Wine Cellar Cooling System for Your Wine Cabinet in Miami 

Using the wrong wine refrigeration system in your wine cellar will damage your favorite wines. Using one of US Cellar Systems’ wine cooling units will benefit you and your collection 

If you need help in choosing the best model for your wine room in Miami, please contact Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami at +1 (786) 633-2011!