How to Detect Freon Leaking from Your Wine Cellar Cooling System

A recent leak in a Las Olas Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida wine cellar was diagnosed and fixed by Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami. If this hadn’t been found and fixed quickly, great damage and expense would have occurred to this very valuable wine cellar cooling unit.  The process of leak detection illustrates the importance of regular maintenance and expert care of your wine cellar after it’s been constructed to preserve its functionality for years to come.

Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami Detects and Repairs a Leaking Cooling Unit in Fort Lauderdale

HVAC experts respond to a service call in Florida

HVAC experts respond to a service call in Florida

In a recently completed project in Las Olas Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami repaired a leaking wine cellar cooling system. Before the repair could begin, the HVAC professional had to find where the leak was located first. To detect the specific location of the leak, and Ultraviolet Light Leak Detection Method was used.

The technician injected a UV detectable dye into the cooling system and allowed it to circulate for about a month. He came back after a month and found where the leak was exactly, which was inside the unit. The refrigeration unit had to be disassembled in order to gain access to the leak and fix it accordingly.

Effective Methods of Detecting Freon Leaking

Wine cellar cooling systems need a refrigerant to function properly. It is the refrigerant that creates the cool air that the cooling units provide in wine storage rooms. Freon is the most common refrigerant used in most cooling systems.

Team from Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami Investigate a Wine Cellar Cooling System in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The team from Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami Investigate a Wine Cellar Cooling System in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Freon is actually a trading name for a group of chemicals that are used as refrigerants in cellar cooling systems. When placed at room temperature, Freon turns to gas, but it goes back to its liquid form when cooled or compressed.

No refrigeration system can cool a storage room without a refrigerant. If a cooling unit has a leak and is losing Freon, it can gradually stop functioning. A regular maintenance plan is necessary to detect problems with your wine cellar cooling system such as a Freon leak. Early detection and immediate repairs are necessary to make sure that your wine collection is kept in the ideal storage conditions.

Generally, all pressurized HVAC refrigeration systems can eventually leak refrigerant. It’s very important that you have a regular maintenance plan for your wine cellar cooling unit so that you can monitor its condition and have it inspected for leaks.

Here are 3 of the most common methods to detect Freon leaks in refrigeration units in Fort Lauderdale:

1. Ultraviolet Light Method for Leak Detection in Cooling Systems

The UV Light Method, also known as Spectronic Method, is the most precise method of locating Freon leaks in a wine cooling system. In this method, the technician injects a liquid tracer into the refrigeration system and allows it to circulate for about 2 to 4 weeks. The liquid tracer is usually a UV light detectable type of dye. It circulates in the cooling system and exits with the refrigerant at the leak sites.

After the UV dye is allowed to circulate in the system thoroughly, an ultraviolet inspection lamp is used to scan for it. The dye glows when illuminated by the UV light, and consequently identifies the exact location of the leaks.

2. Freon Electronic Leak Detection Method

The Freon Electronic Method is the fastest and easiest way to detect leaks in a cooling system. Using an electronic sniffer, the technician is led to the general leak area. A lot of experts recommend wrapping the suspected problem area in plastic to capture the fumes so that the electronic detector can be more specific in locating the leak.

3. Bubble Leak Method for Detecting a Freon Leak

This method utilizes liquid solutions that produce bubbles when placed on a leak. The solution may be applied by spray, brush, immersion, or dabber. Many times, technicians use the Bubble Leak Detection Method to verify the specific leak areas after utilizing other leak detection means.

The Bubble Leak Detection Method can be a very messy procedure. It can also be tedious and time-consuming to clean and remove the residue after performing it.

Wine Cellar Cooling System Repair and Maintenance Expert

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Find Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami on Google

Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami is one of the most trusted wine cellar cooling companies in Las Olas Beach. Besides manufacturing high-quality refrigeration systems, they also provide maintenance and repair services throughout Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Protect your wine collection here in Florida by making sure that your refrigeration system is always functioning optimally. Subscribe to a regular maintenance plan today. Send Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami an email through or contact them at +1 (786) 633-2011.