Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Specialists Provide Knowledge and the Best Brands of Cooling Units for Your Property

A Miami home had a wine cellar installed. This is the consensing unit placed on the roof of the home.

A Miami home had a wine cellar installed. This is the condensing unit placed on the roof of the home by a custom wine cellar refrigeration expert.

M&M Cellar Systems is a master wine cellar refrigeration unit provider in Miami, Florida, and the surrounding Southern Florida cities.  We provide the best refrigeration systems for your wine storage needs.

The cooling units we install for our clients are built to last. They efficiently maintain a climate-controlled wine cellar environment.

Planning Process

When planning a residential or commercial wine cellar refrigeration project we do the following:

  • Determine your wine cellar’s cooling needs.
  • Know which type of wine cellar cooling system suits your wine cellar.
  • Choose the brand of the refrigeration unit.
  • Consider the infrastructure for the installation of the chosen wine cellar setup.
  • Determine the required maintenance for the system.

At M&M Cellar Systems, we conduct heat load calculations. This allows us to:

  1. Know what the exact size of the cooling unit is needed.
  2. Determine the proper heat requirement.
  3. Provide optimal storage conditions.

With many years of experience in wine cellar cooling unit installation, servicing, and maintenance, Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami offers a range of wine cellar refrigeration systems for various applications, from custom wine cabinets, and small wine closets, to large custom wine rooms.

As a wine cellar refrigeration systems contractor in Miami, Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami works with various wine cellar designers and builders in providing the best cooling systems that fit the cooling requirements of residential and commercial wine cellars.

Quality Brands of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems that We Offer

Wine cellar refrigeration system brands regularly recommended by Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami

Brands of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems Regularly Recommended by Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami

We offer only the top quality brands in wine cellar cooling systems Miami Florida. Refrigeration equipment from US Cellar Systems, Wine Guardian, CellarPro, and WhisperKooL are among the most reliable and efficient cooling solutions recommended and supplied by Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami.

US Cellar Systems

One of our favorite brands of wine cellar cooling systems to offer is the refrigeration units by US Cellar Systems. They feature a number of different series of cooling units that are highly customizable, which gives us a lot of flexibility in using their systems in a wide variety of various storage systems.  They offer wine cabinets, wall-mounted, and ducted wine cellar cooling systems.

Wine Guardian

Wine used to be stored in underground caves, which offered the safest conditions for cooling and preserving their stock.  Wine Guardian strives to build wine cellar cooling systems that provide those same conditions as an underground cave, in whatever space you’ve chosen for your wine cellar. Wine Guardian promises precision, energy efficiency, and commercial-grade quality of its products.


Versatile, well-engineered, and reliable–these are what CellarPro‘s cooling unit products are famous for.  They offer self-contained and ductless split wine cellar refrigeration systems.


Striving to be one of the leaders in world-class wine storage cooling system manufacturing, WhisperKOOL is another of our most trusted brands. They have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of their product lines, and innovation. They offer a full range of the self-contained, split system, and ducted refrigeration systems.

Proper Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration–What You Need to Know

The main purpose of most climate-controlled wine cellars is to provide an ideal space for storing and aging wines for a prolonged period of time. Wines improve their overall quality when stored under optimal conditions. But they can just as easily deteriorate when exposed to unfavorable ones.

Steady Conditions of Temperature and Humidity

Mario puts his contact information on every wine cellar cooling unit that he installs and repairs, putting his stamp of approval on the work he's done, and giving you an easy way to contact him if you need repairs or services.

Mario puts his contact information on every wine cellar cooling unit that he installs and repairs, putting his stamp of approval on the work he’s done, and giving you an easy way to contact him if you need repairs or services.

Wine coolers are not simply air-conditioners. They are far more complex than a machine that cools a home or office building. The key to preserving wine in the right climate control system is maintaining steadiness in two important areas. They provide an environment wherein the temperature and humidity remain at constant levels.

The installation of a proper wine cellar cooling unit, along with the right amount of insulation, and a vapor barrier in the interior walls and ceiling, ensures that the temperature range is maintained between 50° F and 55° F and that humidity levels are well within 60% to 70%.

An efficient wine cellar climate control system will eliminate climate fluctuations, and reliably cool a wine storage space.  Sudden temperature swings can cause the premature aging of wines or spoilage.

Excess humidity can bring about mold growth, which can do a great deal of damage to wine labels.  If there is not enough humidity, the corks can dry out and shrink, causing oxidation to take place, and thereby ruining the quality of wines.

Recreating Cave Conditions

Wine cellar refrigeration systems are considered the lifeblood of actively cooled wine cellars.  These wine cellar cooling units are engineered to replicate the favorable climate conditions of underground caves, and thus help create a consistent and stable wine storage environment all year round.

Recreating the conditions of a cave is far more technically challenging than one might think. It requires other considerations beyond the refrigeration unit.

In order for a cooling unit to function efficiently and ensure an optimum wine storage environment, proper support infrastructure must be set in place. These infrastructure elements include the right insulation, vapor barrier, wine cellar door, and lighting system.


Evaporator Coil for Miami Refigeration Unit

Fully Ducted Low Profile Quiet Wine Cellar Cooling Unit by US Cellar Systems

Applying insulation to all wall surfaces and ceilings will help keep the room appropriately cooled, and prevent temperature fluctuations.

The absence, or incorrect application, of wine cellar insulation, can lead to temperature swings, which can potentially result in the breakdown of the cooling unit due to excessive workload.

Vapor Barriers

Properly installed vapor barriers will help prevent moisture build-up and migration, which is the movement of moisture, in the form of water vapor, through surfaces such as walls and ceilings.

They are placed against the exterior wall, and then the insulation material is applied. Finally, the surface is covered with drywall.

Failure to apply vapor barriers can lead to mold growth, which can cause a great deal of damage, not only to the entire wine collection but also to the wine room itself.  It is also very costly to remedy this kind of problem.

Wine Cellar Doors

The primary location for air leakage in a wine cellar is the door. Most doors have a space underneath where air can flow between rooms. This is a catastrophe in a wine room. Wine cellar doors are specially constructed to seal the wine storage space, allowing no air in or out of the wine room. They’re equipped with an automatic door bottom that prevents air leakage.

Owner of Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami, Mario Morales is a refrigeration expert for wine storage systems.

Owner of Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami, Mario Morales is a refrigeration expert for wine storage systems.

Due to the higher than usual humidity in a wine cellar, the doors are susceptible to certain environmental conditions that should be considered. Custom wine cellar entry doors are engineered to prevent warping due to the unique climate conditions of a wine cellar. An efficient wine cellar door must be weather-stripped on all sides.

Finding a door that is the perfect size is vital. An ill-fitted wine cellar door allows outside elements to seep through, causing moisture creep and the possible overheating of the refrigeration system due to excessive workload.

Wine Cellar Lighting System

Wine cellar lighting not only makes it easier to maneuver around the wine room, but also creates a dramatic ambiance to the space.  LED-based lighting with timer switches is recommended for wine cellar use because it generates less heat and helps minimize exposure of wine bottles to light.

Installing the wrong type of lighting system can increase wine room temperature, which can cause the climate control system to run over time and eventually lead to its breakdown.

Consult with a Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Expert

If you’re looking to build a wine cellar on a commercial or residential property, you need to work with a contractor that specializes in wine cellars. Many general contractors claim to know how to build wine cellars, but their level of experience and knowledge regarding this very sensitive and specialized type of project can be limited.

Call a company like Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami first. Let us examine your space to give you the best advice concerning how to refrigerate a wine cellar in it. We can set up the entire design and construction process, based on the optimal conditions for preserving your wine. Your cellar will also look beautiful, working with contractors who do these types of custom wine cellar refrigeration projects each and every day.

Contact Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami in Miami for inquiries about our wine cellar cooling products and services.