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High Static (HS) Series: Effective Wine Cooling Units by US Cellar Systems

As one of the most trusted providers of wine cooling solutions in Miami, M&M Cellar Systems offers top-quality refrigeration systems from US Cellar Systems. We recommend the HS Series for the many benefits it provides.   

US Cellar Systems High Static Series by MandM Miami

US Cellar Systems High Static Series by M&M Miami

HS Series Wine Cooling System Information

The HS Series refrigeration systems consist of powerful evaporators with capacities ranging between 1,800 and 20,000 BTU per hour. They can provide maximum performance even when ducted as far as 25 feet away from your wine cellar.  

They are designed to duct the chilled air into the room with minimal fluctuations and eliminate noise. This type of cooling unit also frees up space in the wine cellar and is ideal for clients who do not want any equipment visible inside their wine room.     

The US Cellar Systems’ High Static (HS) Series wine cooling system is ideal for installation in remote or high-temperature locations and is used with an R134a refrigerant. 

Features of the HS Series Refrigeration Systems 

  • Mounting Diagram HS Series Wine Cooling System Miami

    Mounting Diagram HS Series Wine Cooling System

    Space-savvy because the equipment does not occupy space in the wine cellar 

  • Provides a quiet operation 
  •  Rust-proof and insulated housing 
  • Provides static pressure for duct up to 25 feet 
  • Pump-down solenoid valve (standard) protects compressor in the event of leaks 
  • Automatic expansion valve (standard) ensures constant coil temperature to promote “Humidity Balance” 
  • Thermally protected permanently lubricated motor 
  • Pre-installed valves eliminate additional wiring to the thermostat 
  • Factory-wired for simple field installation 
  • Pressure tested by the manufacturer to ensure quality 
  • ETL certified 

Available Options 

  • Stainless steel cabinets to prevent corrosion 
  • Secondary drain pan for elevated and sensitive installations 
  • Eco-friendly water-cooled condensing units available 
  • Industrial applications available 

HS Series Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Typical Installation 

Mounting Diagram HS Series Wine Cooling System

Mounting Diagram HS Series Wine Cooling System

  • US Cellar Systems HS Series Wine Cooling System Installation Miami

    US Cellar Systems HS Series Wine Cooling System Installation Miami

    The total length of ductwork should not exceed 50’. 

  • The installer will determine the actual layout. 
  • Standard line sets should be 50′ or less. Extended runs may require larger line sizes and 3oz. oil must be added for every 10′ over 35′.  
  • The drain line must always flow downhill to pump or drain. 
  • Install a fan speed for short duct length to slow down fan speed. Keep line sets as short as possible. 
  • There is no control wiring between the condensing unit and thermostat 
  • A pump down control system controls the wine cooling system.  
  • The line connections at the condensing unit and fan coil may not be the same as the required line sizes of turn 
  • Suction line accumulators are recommended to prevent an excessive number of turns from causing problems with refrigerant flow and compressor breakdown. This setup is a requirement if working lower than the normal 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit operating range from the wine cellar 

Order Your High Static Series Wine Cooling System from an Expert in Miami 

Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami has been offering effective and commercial grade wine cooling units both for residential and commercial applications. We can provide free expert consultation on installation and service for each unit sold. 

If you have questions or need help with the installation, services, or maintenance of your wine refrigeration system, please do not hesitate to contact us at +1 (786) 633-2011!