Hire a Professional in Home Wine Cellar Cooling and Wine Cellar Refrigeration System Servicing

Wine Cellar Cooling Miami is Known for Their Reliable Home Wine Cellar Cooling Services

Wine Cellar Cooling Miami is Known for its Reliable Home Wine Cellar Cooling Services

Problems caused by the wrong installation and irregular servicing of wine cellar refrigeration units can be costly. To avoid these, you must hire a cooling expert who has extensive experience and knowledge in creating a stable environment in your home wine cellarWorking with a company that provides wine refrigeration unit servicing will ensure that the right climate control unit is installed in your wine storage facility and has proper servicing.  

The Importance of Home Wine Cellar Cooling and Servicing

A serious wine collector knows that collecting wine is an expensive hobby, which requires time and effort. Keep in mind that long-term storage requires a climate-controlled environment. Therefore, investing in a refrigerated wine cellar is necessary!   

At Custom Wine Cellars Miami, we work with top-notch builders in building home wine cellars designed to preserve your wine’s complex flavors and aroma. We always make sure that the right wine cellar refrigeration unit is installed in your wine room.  

We offer home wine cellar cooling installation and refrigeration system servicing to help our clients enjoy hassle-free wine collecting for many years.  

Home Wine Cellar Cooling: What You Must Know 

If you want to safeguard your prized wines from damage, you must be willing to invest in a wine cellar built by someone who has the skills and knowledge required for building an effective wine storage facility.  

At Custom Wine Cellars Miami, we care for your wines. We will ensure that your collection will age well in a climate-controlled environment. Our team is known for having extensive knowledge of in-home wine cellar cooling. We have been providing HVAC services to clients who want to safeguard their wines from damages caused by poor conditions.   

The Benefits of Working with a Home Wine Cellar Cooling Expert   

Working with a Professional Refrigeration Expert for Your Home Wine Cellar Cooling Project Offers Many Benefits

Working with a Professional Residential Wine Cellar Refrigeration Expert for Your Project Offers Many Benefits

Wine will deteriorate quickly if you store it in a place that is too hot. Heat is wine’s number one enemy. When exposed to too much heat or high temperatures, the wine will age prematurely due to wine oxidation or heat damage. Premature aging will cause the wine to have off-flavors, unpleasant smells, a dull appearance, and altered chemical properties.  

On the other hand, very cold temperatures will slow down wine’s aging process and affect the sealing ability of the cork. Freezing temperatures can even break the cork and cause air to enter the bottle and mix with the wine, resulting in an oxidized wine.   

It is wrong to think that keeping your wines in a refrigerator, kitchen shelves, or cardboard boxes will have no adverse effect on their quality. Always keep in mind that even though you have a centralized air conditioning system in your home, your wines will not be safe.  

It is because the wine will only preserve its complexity when stored in a room with the ideal storage conditions. The optimum wine storage temperature is between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity level should range from 60 to 70 percent.  

How Our Wine Cooling Experts in Miami Construct Refrigerated Home Wine Cellars  

At Wine cellar Cooling Miami, our team follows the crucial steps to ensure that your wine room is capable of protecting your wine collection from wine faults.  

  • Assessment of your needs and requirements 
  • Wine cellar insulation and installation of the vapor barrier 
  • Performing a heat load calculation for the sizing of your wine cooling unit  

As one of the most reliable home wine cellar cooling experts, you can have peace of mind because your favorite vintages are safe.  

Assessment Stage 

When planning to start a home wine cellar cooling project, it is our duty to make a thorough assessment of your needs. This process will ensure that everything is in place and that the right components are installed in your wine room. 

To achieve this, we will discuss all of your requirements, which include your aesthetic and functional preferences, your budget, and the available resources. We will also visit the site where the construction will take place. We will have to know the size and location of your wine roomas these factors will affect the size and type of wine cellar refrigeration unit that we are going to use.  

Wine Cellar Insulation and Vapor Barrier Installation  

Wine Room Insulation is a Crucial Step in Home Wine Cellar Cooling

Wine Room Insulation is a Crucial Step in Home Wine Cellar Cooling

Sealing the wine room is another crucial step in residential wine cellar cooling. A lack of insulation or improper room insulation will cause temperature fluctuations, which can be detrimental to your wine’s quality.  

Wine cellar insulation will prevent the warm air from interfering with the cooling process in your wine room. Moreover, it will also prevent your refrigeration system from working too hard and causing high-energy bills. Adding a vapor barrier will prevent moisture from diffusing into the ceiling, wall, or flooring. Without it, condensation will form and can damage the structural integrity of your wine cellar and even the wine labels and cork.   

Calculating the Heat Load  

A heat load calculation is an essential step in determining the correct size and capacity of the refrigeration unit suitable for your wine room. In every home wine cellar cooling project we do, we always perform this method to determine the correct BTUs required. The three primary factors that will affect the result are:  

  • The amount of glass in your wine cellar 
  • The location and size of your wine room 
  • Heat resources near your wine cellar  

We offer the best wine cellar cooling units in the market from top-notch brands like WhisperKOOL, Wine Guardian, CellarPro, and US Cellar Systems. You can choose from the different types of wine cellar refrigeration systems: split, fully ducted, ducted split, ductless, and ductless split.  

What is Home Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Servicing and Why do You Need it? 

Wine Cellar Cooling Miami Offers Professional Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Servicing

Wine Cellar Cooling Miami Offers Professional Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Servicing

Regular maintenance and servicing of your home wine cellar cooling system is a must. Custom Wine Cellars Miami recommends that you avail of our servicing plan for your wine cellar refrigeration unit 

In this plan, we will prevent wine storage issues by ensuring that your wine cellar cooling unit is always in good condition. Typically, servicing wine cellar cooling systems must be done once a year.

However, if the wine storage facility is placed in an area prone to debris, dirt, animal hair, or anything that can clog the condenser, we recommend that you have your unit serviced twice a year.  

Keep in mind that a clogged condenser coil will not function efficiently. The equipment will have to work harder to cool your wine cellar and maintain the ideal humidity level. When this happens, your wine cellar cooling system will break down and even cause high-energy bills.  

Ready to Build Your Wine Room? Consult with Our Home Wine Cellar Cooling and Servicing Experts! 

Our experts’ in-home wine cellar cooling and servicing are equipped with the right skills and knowledge in building wine rooms capable of aging wines correctly. If you are planning to start your wine cellar project and are looking for a residential wine cellar refrigeration service in Miami, please do not hesitate to talk to one of our HVAC specialists at +1 (786) 633-2011!