How HVAC Experts in Miami Can Repair a Leaking Wine Cellar Cooling Unit and How to Prevent This Problem

Wine Cellar Cooling Miami and M&M Cellar Systems are Partners in Wine Cooling Unit Installation and Repair Services

Wine Cellar Cooling Miami and M&M Cellar Systems are Partners in Wine Cooling Unit Installation and Repair Services

If you are experiencing wine storage issues, it can be because your wine cellar cooling unit is not functioning properly. A refrigerant leak is a common problem with wine refrigeration systems. It should be fixed immediately, or else, you will lose your investment. To prevent spending a hefty amount of money for the replacement of your equipment or spoiled wines in your collection, you must work with HVAC specialists like M&M Cellar Systems to ensure that your wine cooling unit is operating at its best 

Refrigerant Leak: How It Can Be Prevented According to Experts in Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation and Repair 

If you have a wine cellar cooling unit, make sure that it is in good condition at all times. The most common problem our client’s encountered with their climate-control equipment is a leaking refrigerant.  

A wine cellar cooling unit will not be able to cool a wine room without a refrigerant. Freon is a cooling agent or coolant that is widely used in wine refrigeration systems. It must be monitored regularly to prevent costly damages.  

If it is running out, your wine cellar cooling unit will stop functioning. When this happens, it will fail to create the optimum environment needed by wines to preserve their desirable characteristics, resulting in the spoilage of your wines. 

Wine Cellar Cooling Miami and M&M Cellar Systems have extensive experience and knowledge in providing HVAC repair and services in Miami and the cities surrounding Southern Florida. We offer a regular maintenance plan to help our clients enjoy hassle-free wine collecting for many years.      

What is a Regular Maintenance Plan for a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit and Why Do You Need It? 

Wine Cellar Cooling Miami and M&M Cellar Systems Offers Regular Cooling Unit Maintenance

Wine Cellar Cooling Miami and M&M Cellar Systems Offers Regular Cooling Unit Maintenance

Most of the time, you will not notice that there is refrigerant leaking from your wine cellar cooling unit. When the equipment starts to function strangely, you might realize that the Freon has been leaking for a long time. Keep in mind that the damage to your wine refrigeration system will be severe if the problem is not addressed immediately.    

At Wine Cellar Cooling Miami, our regular maintenance plan will prevent problems from occurring in the future. We will take care of your wine cellar cooling unit to ensure that your wine investment will be safe. Your climate control system will be monitored and cleaned regularly. 

The Importance of Keeping Your Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Functioning Well at All Times  

Your wines must be stored in a cool and humid environment. Failure to do so will deteriorate your favorite vintages.  

Keep in mind that a safe wine storage environment has a temperature that ranges from 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme temperature fluctuations will cause your wines to age prematurely. Moreover, the ideal wine cellar environment must not be too damp nor too dry. It should be within 60 to 70 percent.   

A well-maintained wine cellar cooling unit will help create the optimum conditions crucial to the proper aging of your wines. We are dedicated to providing all of your HVAC needs! 

Other Wine Cellar Cooling Problems That Can Be Prevented When You Avail of Our Regular Maintenance Plan  

Aside from leaking refrigerant from your wine refrigeration unit, more issues can be prevented when you subscribe to our regular maintenance plan. 

  • Excessive Running of the Unit 
    • Clogged up drains
  • Mold 
  • Burned out Units 
  • Burned out Condensate Pumps 
  • High Running Costs 

How Wine Cellar Cooling Miami Experts Detect Freon Leaks 

Wine Cellar Cooling System Leak Repair Service by Miami HVAC Experts

Wine Cellar Cooling System Leak Repair Service by Miami HVAC Experts

As a professional team of HVAC experts, Wine Cellar Cooling Miami and M&M Cellar Systems make sure that every service they provide exceeds their client’s expectations. Detecting Freon leaks requires skills and knowledge. We use three methods to determine the location of the leaks.       

1. Freon Electronic Leak Detection Method 

This method is the fastest way to locate refrigerant leaks in your wine cellar cooling unit. Our technicians use an electronic sniffer, which leads them to the area of the leak source. For more accurate detection, the suspected location of the leak is usually wrapped in plastic to capture the fumes.  

2. Ultraviolet Light Detection Method   

M&M Cellar Systems Cooling Unit Installation Regular Maintenance Service Miami

Wine Cooling Unit Regular Maintenance Service in Miami by M&M Cellar Systems

Most companies that offer wine cellar cooling unit repair and services, including Wine Cellar Cooling Miam and M&M Cellar Systems, recommend the UV light detection method because it is more precise compared to other leak detection options. In this method, a liquid tracer is injected into the wine cellar cooling unit.

It is a type of dye that can be detected using an Ultraviolet inspection lamp. We allow the liquid tracer to circulate thoroughly within the equipment for about 2 weeks to 1 month. When the inspection lamp illuminates the dye, it glows and identifies the exact location of the refrigerant leak.  

3. Bubble Leak Detection Method 

In this method, liquid solutions are placed in areas where leaks are suspected. Bubbles are produced when there are leaks. It is commonly used after using other ways of detecting the leak.  

Options for applying the liquid solution are by brush, spray, dabber, or immersion. Keep in mind that the Bubble Leak Detection Method can be time-consuming, messy, and tedious. You have to remove and clean the residue after the process.  

Our HVAC Experts Will Take Care of Your Prized Wines by Making Sure That Your Wine Cellar Cooling Unit is Always at Its Best  

Wine Cellar Cooling Miami is the leading company in HVAC repair and services in Miami. For many years, they have helped residential and commercial wine cellar owners with their refrigeration needs. Our team cares for your investment.   

If you have questions or need help with your wine cellar cooling unit installation, repair, or maintenance, please do not hesitate to contact Wine Cellar Cooling Miami at +1 (786) 633-2011.