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How a Home Wine Cellar Refrigeration Expert Designed and Installed a Safe and Stylish Wine Room Using a Reliable Cooling Unit

Professional Home Wine Cellar Refrigeration Project by M&M Cellar Systems

Professional Home Wine Cellar Refrigeration Project by M&M Cellar Systems

Some wine collectors do not have a refrigerated wine cellar in their home and expect their wines to be protected from damaging factors. Do not be one of them! If you want to protect your wines from being spoiled, you must hire a reliable company that specializes in home wine cellar refrigeration. Our team will ensure that your residential wine cellar cooling needs are met.  Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in the design and installation of wine cellar cooling units and repair services in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We work with top-notch HVAC experts like M&M Cellar Systems. In one of their projects, they installed a refrigeration unit manufactured by US Cellar Systems. 

A Reliable Home Wine Cellar Refrigeration Expert Helped a Homeowner in Designing a Stylish Wine Room and Installing a High-Grade Cooling Unit

One of the major enemies of wine is heat. Too much exposure to heat can be detrimental to your wine’s quality. Therefore, if you are planning to grow your wine collection and enjoy your hobby for years, investing in a refrigerated wine cellar is necessary.

Refrigerated home wine cellars are intended, not only to store wines in an ideal environment but also to organize and manage wines conveniently. Well-designed wine rooms also allow owners to display their wines attractively.

You must hire a company that specializes in home wine cellar refrigeration. Wine Cellar Cooling Services has been working with M&M Cellar Systems and US Cellar Systems in providing innovative wine cooling solutions for residential wine cellars and cabinets.

A Job Well Done by M&M Cellar Systems: an Experienced and Knowledgeable Home Wine Cellar Refrigeration Company

M&M Cellar Systems are famous for their expertise in HVAC services. They have been providing high-grade wine cooling units and servicing wine cellars to top-notch builders in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. They have many years of experience in the design and installation of wine cellar cooling units.

In their recent home wine cellar refrigeration project, M&M Cellar Systems received a call from a homeowner who needed help with their wine cellar refrigeration project. In every project they do, their goal is to create the perfect wine storage environment.

The team had to install a climate control system that would regulate the temperature of a residential wine room. After performing the heat load calculation, they determined that US Cellar Systems’ RM4600 cooling unit was the best option, considering the following factors:

  • Location and size of the wine room
  • The number of bottles intended to be stored in the wine cellar
  • Amount of glass to be utilized
  • Availability of an exhaust room for heat dissipation

Features of the RM4600 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit from US Cellar Systems  

M&M Cellar Systems Utilized a US Cellar Systems Refrigeration Unit for This Home Wine Cellar Project

M&M Cellar Systems Utilized a US Cellar Systems Refrigeration Unit for This Home Wine Cellar Project

With many types and brands of refrigeration systems on the market, it is easy to fall into a trap. Do not choose a climate control system because it is less expensive. You do not want to compromise the quality of your wines. It is still best to consult a residential wine cellar refrigeration expert in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.    

In this wine cellar cooling unit design and installation projectthe room was large, so M&M Cellar Systems had to utilize two RM4600 wine refrigeration units for maximum cooling efficiency. US Cellar Systems, one of the most trusted brands of cooling systems, supplied the cooling units 

Since they are split systems, the two components were placed in different locations. The evaporator was installed inside the residential wine cellar, mounted in the ceiling to hide it from someone’s view. The HVAC team concealed the unit in a custom grill cover made from Redwood. The condensing unit was placed in a mechanical room outdoors, resulting in a quiet operation.   

M&M Cellar Systems decided to use a wine cellar ductless split system, which required a 50-foot line set to connect the evaporator to the condenser. RM4600 cooling units are engineered to have a capacity of up to 1,000 cubic feet. They have multiple access panels to redirect the airflow patterns efficiently. The aluminum housing is rustproof, a feature that helps the units to have a longer lifespan in a highly corrosive environment like in refrigerated wine cellars.  

The owners, who sought our help for their home wine cellar refrigeration project, were pleased with how M&M Cellar Systems chose and installed the cooling unit.     

Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Refrigerated Home Wine Cellar

In wine cellar construction, the design of your wine room plays a vital role in achieving the overall appeal that you desire for your space. In this home wine cellar refrigeration project, Vintage Cellars create a wine rack system and door to help build a beautiful and functional wine storage area for the client’s wine collection.  

Features of the Wine Racks 

Vintage Cellars, one of our partners in wine cellar construction, designed and manufactured the wine racks. They combined various racking styles to create a stylish wine display. The focal point of this home wine cellar is the waterfall wine rack, which displays the bottles in a cascading manner, from the ceiling to the tabletop. To maximize the capacity of the room, they provided storage slots on the sides of the waterfall wine rack and under the tabletop.    

On the right wall, Vintage Cellars installed an arched tabletop, which allows the owners to decant and serve their favorite wines. Below it, you can see the storage openings for storing wines in wooden cases. The rest of the racking consists of individual wine racks with a high reveal display row 

Home Wine Cellar Refrigeration Experts Can Help Safeguard Your Collection for Many Years 

If you are planning to build a personalized wine room, hiring an expert in home wine cellar refrigeration is necessary. We collaborate with HVAC specialists in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We will ensure that the wine storage environment is controlled by a reliable wine cooling system installed in your home wine cellar. 

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