Reliable Residential Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Service by Refrigeration Experts

Residential Custom Wine Cellar Cooling by M&M Refrigeration Experts

Hire a Residential Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Expert for Your Home Refrigeration Project

A wine cellar or wine cabinet will not be able to create a cool and humid environment if there is no dependable wine refrigeration unit installed in it. At Wine Cellar Cooling Miami, we offer installation and repair services in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Learn how we can help with your residential custom residential wine cellar cooling project.  

Reliable Residential Custom Wine Cellar Cooling: How Our Specialists Can Protect Your Collection from Harm   

Home wine cellar refrigeration is a crucial aspect of building refrigerated wine rooms. At Wine Cellar Cooling Miami, we have extensive experience and knowledge in wine cellar construction in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

We know and understand the vital role of residential wine cellar refrigeration in the proper preservation of your wines. Our specialists are passionate about keeping your collections safe for many years and ensuring that your climate-control system is always working correctly.  

Keeping Consistent Temperature and Humidity Levels in Residential Custom Wine Cellar Cooling 

When building residential wine rooms, our primary goal is to ensure that our client’s wine cellar is capable of achieving the ideal temperature and humidity levels. The ideal wine storage temperature is between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, while the humidity range is from 60 to 70 percent.  

Your wine cellar environment can be regulated by installing a reliable wine cellar refrigeration unit. Our specialists in custom home wine cellar cooling always want to safeguard your prized wines and let you enjoy your hobby for many years. We offer various cooling solutions for homeowners who want to make their wine cabinet or wine cellar an efficient and safe wine storage place.  

Trusted Manufacturers of Refrigeration Units for Residential Custom Wine Cellar Cooling in Miami and Fort Lauderdale 

At Wine Cellar Cooling Miami, we use commercial-grade wine cellar cooling systems from reliable manufacturers like CellarPro, Wine Guardian, WhisperKOOL, and US Cellar Systems.  We will perform a heat load calculation to determine the BTUs needed for your wine room. The result will be dependent on the following factors: 

  • Location and size of your residential wine room 
  • Availability of an exhaust room  
  • Amount of glass utilized on the walls and doors 

After making a careful assessment and calculation of the heat load, we will choose the type and brand of cooling system for your home wine cellar refrigeration project. We have self-contained, ducted, and split systems. Humidifiers and other accessories can be added to increase the efficiency of your climate-control unit.  

Home Wine Cellar Refrigeration Problems and How Our Specialists Deal with Them  

M&M Cellar Systems Specializes in Wine Cellar Servicing in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

M&M Cellar Systems Specializes in Wine Cellar Servicing in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

We have completed residential custom wine cellar cooling projects in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We had clients who called us for wine cellar servicing because they noticed something was not working properly with their refrigeration unit.    

When Should You Call a Specialist in Home Wine Cellar Cooling?    

Unstable wine storage conditions can be detrimental to your wine’s quality. Our team specializes in residential wine cellar refrigeration. We care for your wines, so we always make sure that your wine room is functioning well with the help of a reliable wine refrigeration unit. 

Every wine cellar refrigeration unit has its own lifespan. You must call someone who specializes in wine cellar servicing when you notice one or more of the following signs. These minor problems will cause a significant expense if they are not solved immediately.  

Inconsistencies in Temperature or Humidity Levels  

Residential Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Refrigeration Experts in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Home Wine Cellar Cooling Experts in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

We install high-grade wine cellar cooling systems to achieve the optimum cooling efficiency in your residential custom wine cellar. However, there will be times when problems cannot be avoided.

If you observe that the temperature in your wine room is rising, going beyond the ideal range, you have to hire an expert in-home wine cellar refrigeration immediately.  

There are many reasons your wine cellar cooling system fails to cool your wine cellar. One of these is a faulty condensing unit. The fan might not be working because it is clogged with animal hair, mud, lint, or other debris. 

You can do the cleaning yourself using a vacuum with a brush. However, if the fan is still not working after cleaning the unit, you will need a wine cellar condenser repair 

Moreover, if the humidity level in your wine cellar is too high, you have to be alarmed. It can cause condensation to form in your wine room and trigger mold growth. To prevent this from damaging your wine’s quality, wine labels, and integrity of your wine cellar, you must seek the help of a home wine cellar cooling expert.  

The possible cause of humidity issues is the absence or incorrect installation of the insulation and vapor barrier. If there are correct insulation and vapor barrier installed, but the humidity in your refrigerated wine cellar is above the normal range, Wine Cellar Cooling Miami Services recommends that you add a humidifier. One of our wine cellar refrigeration specialists will help choose the best humidifier for your needs.   

A Leaking Refrigeration Unit Requires the Help of a Residential Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Expert 

M&M Cellar Systems Servicing a Residential Wine Cellar in Miami

M&M Cellar Systems Servicing a Home Wine Cellar in Miami Due to a Refrigerant Leak

Another reason you should call a home wine cellar cooling expert is when there is leakage coming from your refrigeration unit. Water leaks are normal. The evaporator coils produce condensation that drips into a condensate pan. A clogged drain will cause the pan to overflow and cause leaks. A more severe problem with residential custom wine cellar cooling units is refrigerant leaking from the unit.      

At Wine Cellar Cooling Miami, we completed wine cellar servicing to clients who experienced refrigeration leaks. We use different methods to identify the leak. The most effective and precise way is injecting a UV dye (liquid tracer) that can be detected by an inspection lamp.    

Check out a wine cellar servicing job we completed for a residential custom wine cellar in Fort Lauderdale 

Strange Noises Coming from Your Wine Cellar Cooling System is a Sign That You Have to Hire Residential Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Expert  

No one wants to hear an annoying noise coming from his or her wine cellar cooling system. If you hear strange noises produced by your refrigeration unit, the best thing to do is call an expert in-home wine cellar cooling.  

The common reasons that cause your climate control unit to make noise are: 

  • The fan belt has worn out. 
  • The refrigerant is leaking. 
  • The fan blade is rubbing against another component. 
  • There is excess air in the pipelines 

Hire a Residential Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Expert to Help Your Refrigeration Unit Perform at Its Best 

Do not wait for wine storage issues to happen before you hire residential custom wine cellar cooling expert. Whether your wine cellar condenser needs a repair, or your entire cooling system needs a replacement, Wine Cellar Cooling Miami will help you! Servicing refrigerated home wine cellars is our expertise. Please talk to one of our home wine cellar refrigeration experts at +1 (786) 633-2011.