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A Stylish Design and an Economical Wine Storage Solution for a Residential Wine Cellar Built by Experts in Cooling Unit Installation

Custom Wine Cellar Design and Cooling unit Installation

Custom Wine Cellar Design and Cooling unit Installation

Wine storage problems can occur if you choose a non-expert designer and installer. If you do not want this to happen, you have to make sure that you hire an expert for your residential wine cellar refrigeration project. At Wine Cellar Cooling Miami, we are knowledgeable and have extensive experience in HVAC services. We work with professionals like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. Ione of their wine cellar cooling unit installation projects, they designed and built a residential wine room, and they made sure that the climate control system was suitable for the requirements of the client.  

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation Project for a Beautiful and Safe Residential Wine Room

One of the most crucial aspects of designing and constructing wine cellars is planning. Creating a design layout is critical before a wine room is built. Refrigerated wine cellars must be constructed by someone who has the required skills, knowledge, and expertise in creating the ideal conditions necessary for wine storage.  

At Wine Cellar Cooling Miami, our goal is to create a visually appealing and safe wine room for our clients. We work with top-notch builders like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. In one of their residential wine cellar refrigeration projects, the homeowner sought their help for designing their wine room and installation of their wine cellar cooling unit. As one of the most reliable designers and installers, the Coastal team always makes sure that your wine cellar is designed to display and store your prized wines safely without compromising quality and beauty.       

Refrigeration Requirements for this Home Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation Project 

CellarPro Vsi Self-Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation by Miami Refrigeration Experts

CellarPro Vsi Self-Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation by Miami Refrigeration Experts

With many wine cellar refrigeration systems for residential wine rooms, it is easy to get the wrong one. It is best to consult with an HVAC expert like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. In this wine cellar cooling unit installation project, the homeowners informed them that they wanted their cooling unit to be hidden from view.  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars made a thorough assessment of the client’s needs. The room measures 7 feet on all four sides.   

Considering the location of the wine room, its size, the amount of glass to be installed, insulation value installed, and budget requirements, they decided to utilize a self-contained wine cellar refrigeration system supplied by CellarPro. CellarPro is known to be a provider of reliable wine cellar cooling solutions.    

In a self-contained system, the evaporator and condenser are housed in one unit. Supposedly, the most suitable refrigeration unit was a self-contained ducted air handler, but because the owner was on a tight budget, the Coastal team had to look for another cooling solution that would not break the bank.      

They ended up using CellarPro’s 4200 VSi, which is an economical solution for budget-savvy wine collectors and small spaces. This model of wine cellar cooling unit can be installed from 500-to 1500 cubic feet in size. This type of wine cellar refrigeration system can function efficiently in an environment with temperatures ranging from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 115 degrees Fahrenheit 

Unlike other types and models of wine cellar cooling unitsCellarPro’s 4200 VSi refrigeration system, does not require an HVAC technician for the installation because no refrigerant lines are needed. A dedicated 20-amp circuit at 115V/60Hz is also needed 

Installation of the Wine cellar Cooling Unit in a Small Wine Cellar  

The Cellar 4200 VSi model is designed to mount through a wall. In this case, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed the CellarPro wine cellar cooling unit above the ceiling to keep it from view and to eliminate the need for an exhaust room for heat dissipation. They used special front and rear ducting kits.  

The cold air is supplied by the front ducting kit into the wine cellar, while the warm air is directed by the rear ducting kit outdoors. They placed the remote temperature display control unit outside the wine room.  

Other Features of This Residential Wine Cellar Equipped with a CellarPro Cooling Unit 

3D Custom Wine Cellar Design Created by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars for This Cooling Unit Installation Project

3D Custom Wine Cellar Design Created by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars for This Cooling Unit Installation Project

In addition to ensuring that the residential wine cellar cooling unit was the right choice, efficient, and reliable, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars also aimed to create a captivating wine display area in a small space. The client wanted his home wine cellar to have a contemporary appeal using wood wine racks. Moreover, the Coastal team also had to build a racking system that would accommodate more than 900 bottles while staying within the budget 

Wine Cellar Design Proposal: a Mix of Wood and Glass Elements  

In this home wine cellar cooling unit installation project, the client desired to design the wine room layout herself. However, she realized that it was quite challenging to balance the modern and traditional components, so she decided to contact Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.    

We scheduled a meeting with the owner to discuss with her all of her specific needs. After gathering the necessary information, including her preferences, we created the design for her private wine cellar. The design package included the floor plan, racking styles, bottle capacities, and the room’s dimensions. When she approved our layout proposal, we started the construction process.    

Achieving a Wooden Wine Rack System with Symmetrical Balance and Maximum Storage Capacity  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars created a wine rack design with a mirror image on the left and right walls. They included single bottle wine racks at the top and diamond bins at the bottom. A high-reveal display row runs in the middle of the racking. They were intended to hold the bottles at an angle to keep the cork moist. The end racking for the sidewalls consists of horizontal wine racks, which display the bottles in a label forward orientation.   

The Coastal team also wanted to maximize the storage capacity of the residential wine room. They came up with a wine rack design that would accommodate 926 bottles.   

Using a Glass Door to Achieve a Contemporary Look for a Refrigerated Residential Wine Cellar with Wood Custom Wine Racks  

Custom Home Wine cellar with an Efficient Cooling unit, Elegant Wood Wine Racks, and Contemporary Glass Doors

Custom Home Wine cellar with an Efficient Cooling unit, Elegant Wood Wine Racks, and Contemporary Glass Doors

For this home wine cellar cooling unit installation project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars had to add a glass element to the design to meet the client’s requirement. They installed a seamless glass door to add a sleek appearance to the wine room. This type of entryway also provides a clear view of the client’s collection from the outside without any obstruction.  

Since a refrigeration system had to be installed in this residential wine cellar, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars had to use dual-pane glass panels and insulate them to prevent the formation of condensation.        

Build an Impressive Wine Cellar Within Your budget. Work with an Expert in Residential Wine Room Design and Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installation   

Do you have a space that you want to transform into a refrigerated residential wine room without breaking the bank? At Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami, we work with professional builders like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. In this wine cellar cooling unit installation, they did an excellent job of providing an economical wine storage solution for the homeowner.  

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