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How HVAC Experts in Miami Can Repair a Leaking Wine Cellar Cooling Unit and How to Prevent This Problem

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If you are experiencing wine storage issues, it can be because your wine cellar cooling unit is not functioning properly. A refrigerant leak is a common problem with wine refrigeration systems. It should be fixed immediately, or else, you will lose your investment. To prevent spending a hefty amount of money for the replacement of your equipment or spoiled wines in your collection, you must work with […]

Different Wine Racks Designs Combined

Cooling Unit Installation for a Residential Custom Wine Cellar in Fort Lauderdale

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We at Wine Cellar Cooling Services Miami were recently contacted by Vintage Wine Cellars and asked for help on one of their projects. Vintage Cellars is one of the biggest wine cellar builders in the country. Their central office is in Southern Florida and they do a lot of projects in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, […]